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Download Game Guardian APK V99.0

Hey Folks, are you looking for “How to download Game Guardian apk V99.0”? In this article, you can able to download the latest version of Game Guardian APK.

GameGuardian APK is a tool designed to make changes to game data and get the best benefits. The app was designed to work on rooted Android devices, as well as rootless smartphones when it can be run in a virtual environment. That is why you can use the best tool on any Android device by following a simple procedure.

Well, we play all the games on Android mobile devices, right? During the game, we generally give important parameters like gold, coins, life, and money. These are a necessary element to obtain skins and benefits for those qualified for new rounds or levels.

In these cases, many of us gamble a lot to get enough coins, gold, or money to block the right materials, and some people buy these securities for real money. However, Android enthusiasts are always looking for a way to get free coins or gold.

Game Guardian APK

GameGuardian is designed for a specific category of users who like games and tricks for fun. Cheat on almost all Android video games with the APK GameGuardian tool and unlock levels easily.

So without wasting time lets talk about the Game Guardian APK which is one of the most useful androids and ios apps for hacking games like LUDO king and Ultimate Naruto Blazing Game.


What is Game Guardian APK?

GameGuardian is an application that allows you to modify the content of video games on Android for “illegal” benefits and improvements. It works after the injection of code at run time to change the desired parameters.

After installing GameGuardian, you can run the application in the background with a semi-transparent icon visible on the screen at any time. When starting the game, you can open GameGuardian and select the application process you want to modify. For example, if you only have a certain number of lives in the game, you can use GameGuardian Hex Editor to find that number and replace it with the number you want.

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Game Guardian APK logo

Another feature of GameGuardian is the ability to change the app’s internal clock and the device itself to immediately improve video games, which generally require a certain number of hours to generate or recover power. No. By holding your finger on the floor icon, you can increase or decrease the passage of time.

It goes without saying that, in most cases, this app is meant to trick gamers. Therefore, if the developers of the application have discovered that they are cheating, they risk losing their accounts. Don’t say we didn’t warn you

GameGuardian is an Android application that helps users change the values ​​of game parameters. Compatible with x64 and x86 architecture devices, which means users can use it on computers with Android and Windows systems using Android emulators (NOX, BlueStacks, Genymotion, MeMu and more)

Usually, it’s a cheat app like Lulubox, SB Game Hacker, and Cheat Engine. You can use it against online and offline players to change the values ​​of some aspects. For example, if you have exactly 30 coins in the game, you can change the same amount to any number.

It is possible to connect to the account if you choose this application to trick some popular players. Online games like PUBG, Clash of Clans, LAST DAY ON EARTH, Critical Operations, Free Fire and many others have a system to detect criminals. So remember, for example, the results before continuing with the GameGuardian application.

Version information

Name GameGuardian
Android 2.3+
Size 18 MB
Version 99.0
Last updated June 16, 2020


Download the latest version of GameGuardian APK on Android

Although the G GameGuardian app works on rootless Android devices using virtual machines like VirtualXposed or Parallel Space, the way it works is different and it restricts some features compared to the root device. Therefore, you can hack more game resources if you have excellent user access.

It is recommended that Topjohnwu Magic root an Android device pass SecurityNet authentication only when you want. Otherwise, use virtual apps to block decent gaming resources. One more thing; Also change the values ​​in the Android emulator and transfer the game to your smartphone or tablet.

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Upon arrival at GameGuardian, there are two variants available depending on the architecture of the device.

For Android emulators, download the dedicated x86 architecture app below.

For Android devices, you can use the X64 architecture variant.

Download Game Guardian APK V99.0.


Features Of Game Guardian

  • Supports many architectures: can work on x64, x32, and x86 devices. Because GameGuardian is x86 compatible, it can be installed on Android emulators to attack games on a Windows computer.
  • Script: load a script for a specific game and run it. Now check the parameters.
  • Prevent detection: save popular player detection tools by renaming the package. This will save you from prohibitions and help you win.
  • Encrypted values: allows you to find and modify encrypted values.
  • Save list: used to change the value in a shorter time. When you add values ​​to a saved list, you don’t have to choose the type every time. Just enter the desired value immediately.
  • Speed ​​Hack: Accelerates and slows down the object. In this way, the user can carry out activities in a short time.
  • Time Jump: Some offline players add time limits to bring life. With this feature, you can slow down as long as you like.
  • Hack tribal inventory: change all resource values ​​such as pearls, coins, health, bullets, ammunition, etc.
  • Filter: advanced filter options will provide the desired results.


How to install GameGuardian APK on Android without rooting

One of the methods to install this tool on Android devices without rooting. It is a simple process. Read, for example, carefully follow this procedure.

  1. First of all, you need to locate the extracted file of Game Guardian,1. Download Game Guardian APP
  2. Now, tap on the Game Guardian APK,
  3. Give Permission to access and install the app,
  4. Install Game Guardian app,2. Install Game Guardian APP
  5. Open Game Guardian APP,3. Open Game Guardian APP
  6. Here, you need to give Permission to Access Game Guardian APP,4. Give Permission to Access Game Guardian APP
  7. Now, Select Mode for Game Guardian APP as defualt,5. Select Mode for Game Guardian APP
  8. Here, it will automatically extract Data of Game Guardian APP,6. Extracting Data of Game Guardian APP
  9. After that, it will need to give permission to install other Game Guardian APP,7. Give permission to install other Game Guardian APP
  10. Here, you need to enable unknown app for Game Guardian APP,8. Enable unknown app for Game Guardian APP
  11. Now, you need to install the app which appears,9. Install App of Game Guardian APP
  12. After that, you need to click on ok10. Click on Ok
  13. Now, you need to uninstall the old Game Guardian APK,11. Uninstall Game Guardian app
  14. Here, you need to choose Work Mode that is No Root,12. Choose Work Mode For No Root in Game Guardian APP
  15. Lastly, you need to install Parallel Space Modified app which is modified by developers of Game Guardian.13. Install Parallel Space APP From downloaded Zip file
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The installation of the game guardian app is completed, now let’s move on the further process.

Click Done and download the game you want to hack into VirtualXposed Space according to the same procedure.

Note: When you open the GameGuardian app on any device, it will start installing a different package name to detect the antivirus program. Then react accordingly.


How to install GameGuardian APK on Android that does not use Parallel Space?

The best method recommended by users. This is the optimized version of GG and it is compatible with x86. By the way, there are no errors like 105.

Before continuing, download the Parallel Space app after installing the Google Game Store.

    1. Download Parallel Space, which you already downloaded from the above link in the zip file,1. Download Parallel Space
    2. Install both Parallel Space APP2. Install both Parallel Space APP
    3. Give permission for access data3. Give permission for access data
    4. Add one random app and create space4. Add one random app and create space
    5. Give permission to Parallel Space5. Give permission to Parallel Space
    6. Click on Add6. Click on Add
    7. Select Ludo and Game Guardian7. Select Ludo and Game Guardian
    8. Now Open Game Guardian app8. Now Open Game Guardian app
      Note: If you receive a notification that you must install 64-bit or 32-bit media to continue, download, and install these applications.

    Here is the process to install the Parallel space Modified app. Now let’s move that how to use Game Guardian and Parallel Space app.


How to install GameGuardian on Android with root?

Thanks to the rooted Android device, you don’t need a virtual space app. An easy to install GG application based on architecture and game.

  1. Open and select Root mode.
  2. Grant administrator privileges.
  3. Activate the display of application permissions.
  4. Now open the game. In the upper right corner, you will see the GG icon. Tap to select a game.
  5. Click the search icon and enter the current gold value. Then come.

This will provide several similar values, but you must choose the correct one to change it. (Watch this video tutorial for beginners to understand better)


Final Words

The G GameGuardian app is the best mod tool for accurate results. You can use the most popular games like PUBG, Garena Free Fire, Sniper 3D, Shadow Fight, Call Of Duty, Mobile Legends, and many more thanks to Lua Scripts. Many scripts are developed daily by enthusiasts.

All you have to do is search the Google script for the game of your choice. But for the latest updates, visit us.

I hope you enjoy this detailed tutorial on GameGuardian.

Share with friends and see you next time. Happy Androiding 🙂