Download Fouad Mod Whatsapp APK For Android

Download Fouad Mod Whatsapp APK For Android

WhatsApp has become very popular with over three billion active users across the globe. An advanced WhatsApp user will know about different WhatsApp mods available. Some of these are FMWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp. Recently, Fouad Mod WhatsApp has also emerged as a popular choice that has customized features.

It is a popular version for making audio and video calls. There are even options for voice recorders and sending texts and emojis. The application regularly comes up with updates so that there will be the best WhatsApping experience. Check out the complete features of Fouad Mod WhatsApp and how to download and install as well as set it up perfectly.

Fouad Mod WhatsApp APK Features

Fouad WhatsApp has many features so that you can make the maximum out of it. Here are some of the best features of the app.

  • It allows changing the pending message shading.
  • Users can set an image during the discussion. One can even put an image of gatherings.
  • The app allows users to select an image close to bubbles. Moreover, you can easily set it on all air pockets.
  • It also lets you change voice notes to play shading and play bar.
  • There is a line shading when there is any visit on the home screen.
  • You can easily refer on the primary screen to the shading.
  • It lets you pick a forward message foundation and a forward symbol for shading.
  • The app lets you make shading on members. You can even report content shading.
  • It lets you select the foundation screen as well as the backdrop for the application.
  • There is an option to underline the shading and it lets you sidestep the lock.
  • The application also comes with better general speed and you can use it in “don’t upset mode”.
  • There are options for HSV shading and you can easily incapacitate the forward tag.
  • It features a white route bar and you can even witness the style before applying the settings.
  • If you do not want to receive calls, it comes with an in-assembled call blocker.
  • You can easily conceal the media from the display or even decide for applying a subject without any backdrop.
  • It features a subject store for downloading and is spread in records.
  • There is an option to prevent the accidental erasing of significant messages.
  • It lets you copy new calls to FAB which will go for RTL dialects.
  • Members are allowed to receive an epithet.
  • At some point in the base, pictures will be edited.
  • It lets you choose the Azerbaijani language and the messages will work for the Arabic language. Furthermore, you can even opt from Brazilian to Portuguese.
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New Features in 2021

It is easy to use and has added new features in 2021. Some of these are privacy settings, message anyone, DND mode, and anti-ban.

You will also find the options of the forward icon color and background color. It lets you send any type of file and share HD-quality images. You will even find a theme store and there are different emoji packs. Additionally, you can hide media from the phone gallery and have a preview of color changes.

Download APK

How To Install Fouad Whatsapp APK?

  • Launch WhatsApp and go to Menu.
  • Hit Settings and then Talks.
  • Now, you tap on Reinforcement visits followed by the Reinforcement button.

It will take a few minutes for the reinforcement procedure.

After Installing, You Need To Take These Steps:

Post-installation, you need to follow these steps.

  • Go to the phone settings and enable unknown source installation.
  • Open the file directory for installation.
  • Open the application and agree with the terms and conditions.
  • Enter your mobile number and tap on “Duplicate WhatsApp information”.


If you are an advanced user and you love to experiment with apps and mobile operating systems, you should definitely try out Fouad Mod WhatsApp.

There are literally unlimited features and functionalities and the app is worth downloading and installing. Definitely, let us know your experience and share it with others if you liked it.