DIY Garden Accents That Add Personality to Your Planting


Scrap Metal Flowers

DIY Garden Accents That Add Personality to Your Plantings. Give your garden beautiful year-round blooms with our large flowers made from scrap metal and wooden stakes. A decorative **** in the center of each flower adds a pop of color, while keeping all the parts together for a whimsical garden accent.

Bubble Fountain

Use a small metal table and submersible pump to create a beautiful and unique fountain for your home. First, remove the glass top from the table and replace it with a plastic planter bowl. Then, use spray paint to dress up both the table and the bowl.

Once the paint is dry, add water to the bowl and turn on the pump. The water will flow through the pump and create a lovely fountain effect. Finally, add glass  to the water to conceal the pump and add a touch of sparkle. Be sure to replenish the water as it evaporates so that your fountain continues to work properly.

Tip: For best results, choose a submersible pump that is specifically designed for use in fountains. You can find these pumps at most home improvement centers.

Custom Concrete Pots

Get creative with your gardening by adding some fun and color to your custom garden pots. These pots were made using small milk cartons for the exterior and tumblers from the dollar store as inner molds. By mixing concrete, you can add your own personal touch to these garden pots, making them unique to you and your style.

Stenciled Outdoor Art

A simple stretch of fence can be transformed into a fetching garden accent with some colorful stenciled outdoor artwork. This wooden canvas can be easily created using a bundle of lath, available at any building center. After constructing your pallet-like canvas, simply roll outdoor acrylic paint onto the front. Position your stencil on the lath canvas using repositionable adhesive, then paint the image with a flat brush. Let dry before attaching to a fence or wall.

Easy Concrete Orbs

Adding concrete accents to your garden or patio doesn’t have to be expensive. With a few surprising materials, you can create beautiful accents without breaking the bank. Watch our step-by-step video tutorial to see how easy it is to add these stylish accents to your outdoor space.

Hanging Wooden Basket

Make a statement with a colorful hanging basket design. This easy-to-make project brings a touch of greenery from the garden to your front porch, patio, or deck.

Salvaged Succulent Planter

Upcycle an old birdbath into a cottage-chic succulent planter with just a few simple steps. This project is perfect for adding a natural garden accent.

Simple Sphere and Pedestal

Turn your pruning trimmings into a beautiful garden accent with this easy DIY project. All you need is a tripod of arching rebar to hold the organic sphere in place. Simply insert the rebar securely into the ground 6-8 inches apart and adjust to hold the sphere.

Double-Decker Fountain

Looking to add a bit of tranquility to your outdoor space? A two-tier fountain is the perfect way to do it! This space-saving design can turn even the smallest garden into an oasis. Plus, the splashy sounds of the water will make you feel like you’re right in nature.

Chalkboard Plant Markers

Make your garden pop with these reusable plant markers. Create custom chalkboard paint colors by mixing 1 tablespoon unsanded tile-grout powder with 1/4 cup outdoor paint. Use the mixture to coat wooden plant stakes, then label each with a china marker.

Tile-Topped Stepping-Stones

With the help of these handmade stepping-stones decorated with pieces of ceramic tiles or plates, you can easily create a lovely garden path. To save on costs, look for chipped or cracked ceramic items at flea markets or neighborhood sales.

Note: While these decorative steppers make for a beautiful garden accent, they can get slippery when wet.

Simple Rosemary Topiary

Topiaries provide a unique, classic aesthetic to any garden and are relatively easy to maintain compared to other landscape features like live plants or flowers. The most satisfying part of owning a topiary, however, is the ability to look back at your handiwork and know that you created it yourself! Many plants are naturally suited for shaping into topiaries, including rosemary, hollies, ivies, and boxwood. You can also use flowering plants like lantana, fuchsia, and hydrangeas. As a general rule of thumb, try to select plants that are dense and have small leaves for the best results.

One important thing to note about topiaries is that they can become slippery when wet, so be careful where you place them in your garden!