Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Killstreaks Guide

When a player gets high kills in Call of Duty, they get killstreaks. The rewards of the killstreaks depend on the length. Some will provide slow motion or air support. However, the EMP and the UAV are great helpers.

There are many rewards for the killstreaks in COD games. These rewards help you enjoy, explore, and survive in the game. If you’re not very familiar with using your killstreaks, we advise you to visit Battlelog

Killstreak Rewards, Descriptions, and Kills Required

Let’s look at some killstreaks and rewards in COD.

1. Predator Missile

The predator missile is a very dangerous killstreak. If not controlled carefully, you could kill yourself. Once you activate it, a Predator Drone fires one AGM Hellfire to wherever you pick as a destination.

To activate the predator missile, the player must have up to five kills (without dying). Although this killstreak helps take down many enemies, it is risky to the player while controlling or using the missile. Thus, you must be careful and precise while initiating the missile.

2. The UAV

The UAV kill streak works well with Predator Missile. Use the UAV to scan across the map. It spots enemy locations. Once you spot enemy locations, you can fire the missile to take them down.

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With three kills, you can activate the UAV killstreak in the game. Bear in mind; never stack UAVs. Always use them once you get them to keep more space for more. Until you deploy a UAV, you can’t get another. You don’t want to run out in times of need.

3. The Counter-UAV Killstreak

The work of the Counter-UAV is to compromise or shut down the enemy’s sensor. Enemies can use UAVs to find you. However, you can disable and make their hostile UAVs inoperable with the counter-UAV.

All you need is four kills to activate it. With the Counter-UAV, you can knock out the enemy’s missile too. You just need to be vigilant and fast when initiating it.

4. The Precision Airstrike

Just like the Airstrike in COD 4, the precision airstrike launches an airstrike on the selected section in your game. You can control where it comes from.

You can activate the precision airstrike with just 6 kills. With the precision airstrike, you can take out a lot of enemies with ease.

5. The EMP Killstreak

EMP stands for Electromagnetic Pulse. Once you initiate the EMP, it disables the enemies’ Radar, HUD, and all electronic equipment or attachments they have. It destroys the enemy killstreaks.

If you get 15 kills without dying, you get an EMP. You can wreck your enemies’ gadgets and win the fight with your EMP.

6. The AC130

The work of this killstreak is to launch a Lockheed gunship against enemies. You can control it on the floor. The downside is that using the AC130 puts the user at high risk.

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You can take down predator missiles launched by enemies. The number of kills needed to activate the AC130 killstreak is 11 kills. Furthermore, always be ready to take cover if the enemy starts shooting at you.

7. The Tactical Nuke

This is one of the killstreaks in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 that requires a high number of kills. The tactical nuke brings in a Nuclear Strike that takes up to 10 seconds to detonate.

This killstreak is dangerous because it kills every player that spawned when the nuke went off. This includes the user that initiates it. To avoid losing your game in the middle of a fight, we advise you avoid the Tactical Nuke.

8. The Chopper Gunner

This killstreak is one of the destroyable killstreaks in Modern Warfare 2. Once activated, it deploys a Mi-28 Havoc or AH-6 Apache attack helicopter. The good thing about it is that you can control it on land.

On the other hand, you could lose your life if not operated properly. However, you can still complete the level in the helicopter. The number of kills needed for Chopper Gunner is 11 kills. 

9. Attack Helicopter

The work of this killstreak is to fly around the game map and take down opponents. Upon activating this killstreak, it calls in a Cobra or Hind-armed chopper.

While the attack helicopter can take out many enemies, it can be disabled too. To enable it, you need 7 kills without a single death.

10. Pave Low Killstreak

You can say the Pave Low is an enhanced kind of Attack Helicopter. Unlike the Attack Helicopter with one 25 mm gun, the Pave Low comes with double 25 mm guns.

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You need 9 kills to enable it. Once enabled, it calls in a Sikorsky MH53 chopper that takes out enemies from the sky. One thing in common is that they both can be eliminated.


No matter the rewards you get from a killstreak, you must not deploy the one that would harm you during the operation.

If you must make it to the end of Modern Warfare 2, don’t call in the Chopper Gunner or the Tactical Nuke. Nevertheless, you can explore other killstreaks as you advance in your gameplay.