Best ROMs for Android and your Xiaomi smartphones


The Android operating system has something that other operating systems do not have, we are talking about its customization capacity, which gives users great freedom and a feeling of power over technology. That is why today we bring you the best ROMs for Android:

Most of the time, you just need root access to start modifying the operating system as you wish.

If you have root access, then you can start installing the ROM of your choice.

In case you have never installed any ROM on your Android device or you have forgotten how to do it, here is an article about how to install Xiaomi EU ROM.

The previous steps for the installation of the EU ROM will serve to install any other.

That said, I will explain what a ROM is and which are the best for Android in 2020.

Best ROMs for Android in this 2020: what is a ROM

To explain it in a simple way, we will say what the operating system of your mobile phone is, although this is only an approximate concept.

In reality, the Android operating system is only one of the programs that are integrated into ROM memory (for its acronym Read Only Memory, Read Only Memory).

In this memory is the operating system along with other files and programs that allow the booting of your mobile phone.

Let’s take an example: the kernel, which is a program in charge of communicating the operating system with the device hardware, is also housed in ROM memory.

Therefore, to think that the ROM is the same as the operating system is wrong. The ROM is just the integrated memory of the mobile phone, which, as I already told you, houses the operating system and other necessary programs for your smartphone.

What are the best ROMs for Android in this 2020?

Now we are going to enter the matter at hand. I am going to show you a list with the ROMs that I consider you should install yes or yes in this 2020.

1. Best ROMs for Android: LineageOS, old CyanogenMod or LineageOS

To begin how it should be, we are going to put the old LineageOS CyanogenMod, at number one on our list.

A ROM recognized by all those close to the Android world. And it is not only highly recognized, but also quite reputable. So much so that in its beginnings, when it was still CyanogenMod, its creator was hired by Samsung to improve the interface of the company’s smartphones.

To find this ROM, the most recommended way to do it is by placing it in the Google LineageOS + search engine (name of your smartphone) ».

There is also the option of going to your official website and search for the model of our device in the list on the left.

Recommended for novice users

This ROM is recommended for those novice users who know very little about personalization.

Do not worry! it works perfectly. It is very stable and has good support. This is what makes it the ideal choice for beginners or, in any case, for those who want a ROM that works perfectly from scratch.

As of today, LineageOS offers support for a large number of devices. You can install this ROM on brand models such as ASUS, BQ, Google, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi, Motorola or Samsung.

At the time of writing this article the latest version is 17.1.

The best ROMs for Android and for your Xiaomi smartphone in this 2020

2. Best ROMs for Android: Pixel experience

Second place is for Pixel Experience another heavyweight in the ring of custom ROMs for Android.

The Pixel Experience ROM has a huge list of device support from Xiaomi to Realme. It features support for Google Assistant, built-in GCam support, live Pixel wallpapers, and more.

Pixel Experience comes to Poco F1 and Redmi Note 5 Pro in stable version

Lastly, to say that this ROM has incredible stability among all ROMs. Perhaps surpassed by LineageOS.

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ROM) (9.0) (PLATINA) Evolution X 2.1 (AOSP) (A… | Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite

3. Best ROMs for Android: Evolution X

Evolution X, is a huge bucket full of customization features that do not harm the stability of the ROM at all. But there is a downside: updates are somewhat slow.

The ROM has its own personalization bar from where you can make any changes at the system level and has the Android 10 gesture navigation system out of the box.

In its latest updates the Evolution X development team has decided to remove certain features from the ROM, which have long been deemed useless for it. As a result, the latest versions are more stable than ever and are easier to use with system resources.

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The best ROMs for Android and for your Xiaomi smartphone in this 2020

4. Best ROMs for Android: Paranoid Android

Another one of the most acclaimed of all time. The reason: the incredible effort that its developers put into creating a design with an incredible finish and consuming the least amount of resources possible.

This is not a ROM that is too loaded with features. However, its polished design can be very pleasant for some.

Paranoid Android is only compatible with Redmi K20 Pro and OnePlus 7 Pro. If you have any of these devices, I highly recommend installing this ROM.

The best ROMs for Android and for your Xiaomi smartphone in this 2020

5. Best ROMs for Android: Bliss ROM

Android users are always in need of new ways to navigate through their devices. And this not only on tablets and smartphones, but also on desktop devices.

If you are that type of Android user, who is not afraid of the new and also wants to have the same browsing experience on all their devices, then this ROM is for you.

Bliss ROM is a new element in the Android ecosystem, but it has great potential. He not only develops ROMs for smartphones, but also for tablets and Windows devices like Surface Pro.

Bliss ROM will greatly improve the overall appearance of your device. And you can change what you don’t like from its incredible Blissify settings panel.

If you want to try something completely different I would advise this.

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6. Arrow OS

This is a ROM for Android users who love minimalism, good design and functionality.

Arrow OS is the lightest minimalist and functional ROM in the entire Android ecosystem, as it offers simple features that end up resulting in a clean and tidy interface, and that can be further customized if the user wishes. And last but not least, it runs wonderfully.

It is very similar to pixel experience but with a set of added features at its foundation.

Arrow OS most notable features

  • Android 10 gesture navigation system.
  • Recents in the general menu and an option to choose the accent color of the system.

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Best ROMs for Android and your Xiaomi smartphones - Xiaomi News

7. OmniRom

If you have a new Xiaomi model, this ROM is especially indicated for you, since among the dozens of compatible devices are some of the most recent models of said company.

This Rom is an opensource project (AOSP) that has a lot of improvements or additions from the developer community working on the ROM.

“OmniRom is not better, it is just different” is the slogan of the developer team, who do not seek fanfare, drums and cymbals, but rather bring a stable product with a good finish to the Android community.

Something I can’t help but point out is the fact that its list of compatible devices is not a big deal, that is, it doesn’t have a large number of them.

Even so, this is a veteran ROM, which has been accompanying Android users for many years and has always enjoyed the reputation of being stable. So, even if the devices are few, those who can use it will be very lucky.

Finally I want to tell you that the strength of this ROM is the incredible capacity for customization it has.

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Best ROMs for Android and your Xiaomi smartphones - Xiaomi News

8. Best ROMs for Android: Resurrection Remix OS

Another heavyweight of customization and also an opensource project that you should give a try. Not only for its dozens and dozens of settings that allow you to customize everything, but also for how easy some other things are. Such is the case of updating the ROM, which can be done through the OTA system.

To this we can add a huge number of monthly security patches that will keep your Android completely safe.

The latest versions of this ROM can be easily found on its official page.

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Best ROMs for Android and your Xiaomi smartphones - Xiaomi News

9. Best ROMs for Android: AOSP Extended

This ROM is very useful for mobile phones with low resources, since it allows you to have something very similar to an Android stock, but with the possibility of customizing it in depth.

It is also an AOSP, and as its name implies, it has Android’s open source code as its base, but with some additions that allow it to be modified.

It has compatibility with more than 14 Android mobile devices and tablets. It also has the word of the developers to offer monthly Google security patches after the release of them.

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Best ROMs for Android and your Xiaomi smartphones - Xiaomi News

10. Best ROMs for Android: Dirty Unicorns

Currently in version 14 and under the slogan “Go Dirty, Never Clean”We meet Dirty Unicorns.

It is a platform that had its beginnings in 2002; Humble beginnings, it should be noted, but today it has a large team of independent developers, who are responsible for supporting more than 20 different types of mobile devices.

With its latest versions based on Android 9 Pie, all users who own a mobile phone with this version of Android will be able to enjoy this ROM.

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Try any

I hope you want to try some of the best ROMs for Android in this 2020, and that you do it before the end of this year, because next time we will bring you the list of the best ROMs for Android of 2021 in which surely, some of this year’s ROMs.