Online English Classes

Best Online English Classes That Will Help You Hone the Language

As the most widely spoken language globally, English has become the most popular language for teaching a second language. It is a valuable skill for traveling, studying, or working abroad. You may be wondering what the best way to find free business English courses is? Going for paid lessons is a good choice, but you can also find lots of resources online where you can access them for nothing! Our language experts have built on more than 6 great resources to help you learn English for free online! Just practice and learn as much as possible.

 Online English Classes

USA Learns

USA Learns is a popular and comprehensive website for adult Americans. You can learn how to use English at a beginner level. If your goal is to become a US citizen, it is highly recommended to take the lesson. You should also learn how to get used to living in the states and practice reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar and vocabulary there.

You can choose from many lessons, including jobs, taxes, law issues, and many other topics. The lessons also help people with basic English besides from the technical aspects. Each class also comes with its grammar study points.

BBC 6 Minute English

You may have heard of BBC News. It is a well-known news medium based in the United Kingdom. The BBC publishes hundreds of reports every day. But have you heard of the BBC’s 6-minute English program?

It is my favorite online English tutorial to date. You only have to spend six minutes every day to learn, because it’s structured like a program, and you can enjoy the two people talking about various topics. At the beginning of the program, one of the hosts would ask you an interesting question. Maybe about science, data, or even animals. And the two hosts would then start to discuss today’s leading topic. They will discuss several real-life interviews during the program, and it’s great to get used to different British accents. At each stage, useful vocabulary will be highlighted, and you will also learn how to put together the whole sentence.

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ESL POD is an online English audio tutorial. Put on your headphones and start learning English. The podcast covers several everyday topics. The speech rate is so slow that you don’t have to worry about not catching up. Try to repeat what you heard.

How ESL Pod Works

With the ESL POD exercise, you will not only learn English, but you will also learn so-called “cultural English.” Topics cover American culture and history and more than 2,000 other topics. Festivals or holidays, American writers and artists, famous places and cities. The free package includes audio lessons lasting 15-30 minutes and text learning guides if you can’t continue the conversation. If you want to dig further, you may want to pay more for the premium program.


Preply has been in existence since long ago. It is a website dedicated to improving people’s professional skills and helping them work better in the workplace. Today, more than 1000 teachers are ready to help you in Preply. English courses are also available! You can choose basic English grammar or English for tourism. It all depends on your needs!


FutureLearn is not like a normal MOOC because you will experience many class interactions. You can leave a comment for each lesson, and people will be happy to answer. The “English for Work” course is highly recommended if you want to be fluent in English at work. The systems consist of short courses and an in-depth program. You can choose to participate wherever you want. 

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It’s worth mentioning that you can learn with many leading schools or universities such as the University of Bristol here. They also work with a famous institutions like the British Council or UNESCO.


Udemy is a nationwide online learning platform, and you can learn English on this website. But be careful before choosing courses; not all are offered for free. Udemy mainly uses video reading. Some methods include quizzes as learning documents to help you learn more effectively. That is why the classes are considered to be the best.