Best Christmas Gift Of Xiaomi Products That You Consider.

There are dates that can be real headaches. Birthdays, saints, Christmas … when we have to think of a gift that suits the tastes and needs of another person, things get complicated and you end up trying to find safe gifts. Pajamas, socks, mugs, watches, bracelets, or sweaters are already the classic wild card of gifts, one that also adapts to all pockets, people, and situations. But this time, We bring you a simple guide for a Christmas gift of Xiaomi home automation products or other brands.

Although it is true that it can be a good solution, a way to comply and sometimes get out of the way year after year, a new possibility has appeared that will also serve us for the following dates and year after year, smart devices, which allow the automation of our homes, and that can become the best Christmas gift. Home automation can be our great ally in the face of uncertainty. But here at Xiaomi4mi, we go further and present you several Christmas gift proposals in which Xiaomi is present. So keep reading that this article will be of interest to you.

Until years ago, having smart devices that allowed home automation was something only visible in advertisements for high-end appliances and intended for a privileged few. But right now with brands like Xiaomi or products like those of Amazon, we have thousands and thousands of technological devices that adapt to all pockets. Coffee makers, clocks, humidifiers, televisions, lamps … any device that we can imagine and therefore thousands of options that become possible gifts, and that are increasing day by day and allow us to automate the home.


On the other hand, the almost elitism of the past is far away, since these new smart devices do not require an extremely high investment and make our lives more comfortable, something that also now, in times when we spend so much time at home, is to thank.

That is why the automation of Xiaomi or related companies is a great Christmas gift, a good investment, and a great wild card of gifts since it will also allow us to acquire and chain different devices in our gifts.

We can start with a simple Echo Dot and then give away other smart devices that connect to it, and for almost the same price that we would spend on the aforementioned classics, we are giving away home automation, we are giving away a: Alexa, turn on the light or Ok, Google, make coffee. Who doesn’t prefer that to pajamas or another mug to add to the collection?

So, to make it simpler, if you are clear about what you want to give home automation for Christmas from Xiaomi, Alexa, Google Home or other companies or brands, we leave you a series of smart devices and possible good combination options that adapt to all pockets.

First Christmas gift recommendation by Amazon

Echo Dot, economical and key in home automation

A great first option as a Christmas gift (or any other commitment) if we are looking for something cheap and if the person or people we want to give a gift has not yet entered the world of home automation, it is an assistant. A key smart device that a priori can help us with basic things like alarms, timers, play music, etc. but that can then serve as a link with other smart devices and control the entire home.

Echo Dot - Xiaomi Christmas Gift
Echo Dot

The most economical is the Echo Dot by Amazon (especially because it usually has a promotion or offer) that has the assistant Alexa. An already well-developed and introduced wizard, it offers a large number of options.

On the other hand, you also have the option of Google Assistant, which you can find on this Xiaomi speaker.

In all cases, the different applications available for mobile will allow them to have a large number of options and to be able to link different smart devices regardless of their brand.

If you want more information to see which one can be more adapted to what you are looking for as a Christmas gift, here is an analysis that will surely solve any doubts you may have.

Second Christmas gift recommendation by Xiaomi

Light bulbs and other smart lighting devices

Another possible Christmas gift from Xiaomi, and also a very economical one, since the cost of this will depend on the amount you want (which can go from 9 euros to what we want or can) is home lighting. Thus, now with the bulbs with Wi-Fi connection and other intelligent lighting devices such as lamps, we can install them in the spaces we want, and through commands, the convenience of turning on, off, programming, and modifying the light is acquired. A great gift that allows home automation in a simple way, especially with the option of creating light spaces.

So by giving 3 light bulbs, for example, we can give 3 rooms (minimum) that will enchant anyone to whom we give it.

With a light bulb in the television area, another in the eating area and another in the bedroom, for example, we are giving away a: I’m going to watch TV, I’m going to dinner or I’m going to read in bed with its corresponding lighting.

Thousands of programming options will be opened for the person to whom we give the gift and with it a great comfort, either through the mobile with the app or with voice commands if you have an assistant … and if you do not have one, you already have an option for another year Can you see the great opportunity that home automation offers us, smart devices in general like Christmas gifts, birthdays …?

In this link, you will find a complete guide to smart bulbs that connect to Google Home, Mi Home, and Alexa.

Third Christmas gift recommendation

SmartTV and alternative and inexpensive devices to this

If there is something that has made us see even more the importance of series, cinema, etc., it is the months that we have had to be locked up in our homes, putting a television in a central position in our day to day life. That is why it has become a great investment, both this and the products associated with it as the VoD platforms.

Although it is true that many people already have SmartTv, many people still do not have it, especially older people who still have the televisions that were bought when 1080 televisions began to be marketed. That makes this gift, a perfect option for our parents or grandparents, accustomed to classic television and who every two by three even still have problems tuning in to the channels, having to come to their aid as true heroes and heroines.

Although we may think that this gift is not exactly cheap, the reality is that thanks to some current smart devices, we can make them forget about retuning or enjoy Netflix as much as we do for less than 20 euros.

In this case, we have two options or give a Smart TV, which we can find for prices ranging from just over 100 euros, to what we want to spend and on the other, the option of making SmartTV the one that you already have for a price between 20 and 80 euros, through a device that turns it into SmartTv, depends on what we want to spend on the Christmas gift.

If we decide to buy the SmartTV directly, it is advisable to take into account that it has Chromecast integrated, it will always be a better investment and that if possible it is as compatible as possible with other smart home devices to facilitate the correct automation. Here is a list of options at different prices, from more to less economical:

On the other hand, if you prefer to opt for the option of giving this Christmas a USB that turns the TV into a SmartTv, these are some of the available options, which focus on choosing to start between what Xiaomi offers us or Amazon.

Xiaomi Mi Tv Box S
Xiaomi Mi Tv Box S

In both cases, we also find really cheap prices. Depending on the number of functions we want, the price will change, it is still a great gift although we must also take into account compatibility with the rest of the smart devices in the house to facilitate correct home automation, if not at that time if future.

This Christmas gift, either from Xiaomi or Amazon In addition, it can always be joined later or be completed by giving away a subscription to a platform or with a voice assistant or a plug so that just by saying it, they can turn on, turn off, change channels or increase the volume (hence the need compatibility between the smart devices we have at home) Who does not want that? We leave you in this link the best option we have analyzed compatible with Xiaomi and Google Home by voice.

These are some of the most commonly purchased products, but there are thousands of options. Teapots, dishwashers, kitchen machines, whatever we want, we can give it away and link it.

We can adapt our Christmas gift by Xiaomi to our budget, we will go out of the average when it comes to gifts, we will always have a possible future smart device for another year and also, at times like these in which the possibility of seeing our friends, family to give it to them or even, Going to buy it is increasingly complex, we have the positive point that we can buy an inexpensive gift that adapts to everything, online, without leaving home, in the comfort of our home and that they take it to yours.

The technological age offers us great opportunities, demonetization is no longer within the reach of only a few Why not take advantage of it?