Access The Best WISEPLAY Lists Of 2020

Access The Best WISEPLAY Lists Of 2020

Are you looking for the best Wiseplay list of 2020? Here you can able to know the best and usable lists of Wiseplay with its alternative, so know more the best Wiseplay lists.

Where can I watch movies online? This is a question more than once surely ye shall have done. And the best thing about the internet is the ability it gives us to get multimedia content. In the Green Android, we have already seen tutorials such as Kodi for Android, which is an excellent multimedia center and alternative to Wiseplay for the whole family. However, although we have already talked about applications similar to Wiseplay, we want to make a rehash about this excellent multimedia center. Therefore, we will see again how it works, how to use it, how to install it, how to download it and especially … where to get the best Wiseplay December 2019 lists.

But before we go deeper into the subject we will stop and go step by step. And many of you still do not know what Wiseplay is, so … let’s take a look at this great app, which is the best application to watch movies online for free on Android.

Know About WisePlay

What is WisePlay and what is it for?

Many of you will be thinking … Wiseplay What is it? , because basically it is an Android application that will allow you to see through codes commonly called Wiseplay Lists and allow us to see a multitude of multimedia content.

What kind of content can I see with WisePlay?

With Wiseplay you can see any type of content as long as you have the appropriate and specially updated Wiseplay lists.

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Enjoy a multitude of content through Wiseplay lists  or thanks to the code  Spain total premium HD plus, watch all the content of the television in HDsports HD, etc. Although before it is convenient to emphasize some aspects.

Wiseplay Is it Legal?

Of course, YES, since WisePlay is just a simple media player without content.

  • You must be aware that this app does not include or distribute any multimedia content.
  • It is the user who contributes their own content so that it can be reproduced through lists.
  • It should be noted that this application neither collaborates nor has any type of relationship with the creation of these lists nor does it approve the reproduction of copyrighted material.

So the reproduction of the lists is and will always be the responsibility of the user since this app only works as a video player without content, so the creators of the application are not responsible for the misuse that a user gives to the application.

Is WisePlay Free?

Yes, it is completely free.

WisePlay How does it work?

Knowing how to use Wiseplay is very simple, you just have to download it and follow the steps that I will explain below.

Download Wiseplay app

It is updated using the Google Play update system, it is very easy. Now that you know how to install Wiseplay, let’s see how to use it.

Access The Best WISEPLAY Lists Of 2020 - 1
Access The Best WISEPLAY Lists Of 2020 – 1

How much data does Wiseplay consume?

It will depend on the quality and duration of the video you are watching on Streaming. For example, an HDrip movie occupies approximately 1.3 Gb of information. It is advisable to use Wiseplay links strongly under WiFi.

Wiseplay, is it compatible with ChromeCast?

Yes, this application is fully compatible with Chromecast. Here you have a video so you can see how it works in Chromecas

Why Wiseplay Doesn’t Work

If Wiseplay does not work it is possible to find fairly simple solutions, you can repair the application with these simple solutions:

  1. Update Wiseplay to the latest version.
  2. Get more updated Wiseplay links.
  3. Restore the application cache in Settings> Applications> Wiseplay> Clear cache.

Normally, it does not work because Wiseplay codes become obsolete in a very short time, so we will often have to be looking for new lists. Below we provide this information with websites that are dedicated to collecting Wiseplay links updated month by month.

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How to Install WisePlay Lists

Watching the wiseplay channels is incredibly simple, the first thing we will have to do is open the app and we will see a screen like this. We give the symbol «+».

Access The Best WISEPLAY Lists Of 2020 - 2
Access The Best WISEPLAY Lists Of 2020 – 2

Now we will get a menu where we are given two options:

  1. To install a Wiseplay code.
  2. To put the Wiseplay lists using a QR code.

In the case that we have Wiseplay URL 2019  (updated), we will have to use the first option.

Access The Best WISEPLAY Lists Of 2020 - 3
Access The Best WISEPLAY Lists Of 2020 – 3

The URL of Wiseplay can be in the format m3u or w3u. Once we enter the lists and press «OK» we can already have the best Wiseplay lists on our Android device.

Video of How to Use WisePlay

If you still don’t know how to use Wiseplay I invite you to watch the following video in which I show you how to put Wiseplay lists.

Access The Best WISEPLAY Lists Of 2020 - 4
Access The Best WISEPLAY Lists Of 2020 – 4

Before showing you where to get the best Wiseplay lists updated December 2019, I have to say that from The Power of the Green Android our function is merely informative. That is, in this blog or on your server we host any source that puts the intellectual property in between, so we do not hang wiseplay lists, or music, or movies, or games. Our work is INFORMATIVE and we are not creators of any kind of Wiseplay lists.

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All the content shown here is taken directly from Google Play. However, if we can indicate internet blogs where you can find updated Wiseplay links very easily.

Blog Collection Where You Can Find The Best Wiseplay Lists December 2019

You can find the best compilations of Wiseplay channel lists in the following blogs.


Androidxphone is an Android-themed blog that usually makes compilations of the best Wiseplay lists of the moment. He usually updates his post of compilations every few months, you can find his post compilation of lists in the following link ..

  • Androidxphone (Outdated lists). – The Best Page to Get Wiseplay Links

This portal is great as it collects the best Wiseplay channels in July 2019  fully updated month by month. Highly recommended.

The AchoTV Forum

In the AchoTV forum, you will have the best updated Wiseplay lists of movies and series in Spanish at the moment.

Meindroid (Has Closed Its Doors)

Meindroid offers an excellent job of collecting Wiseplay lists. It should be noted that they are not creators of any their only rush is to gather them. It shows us compilations of the following authors: Mandaled, Androidkez, Cinema, El Rincón, Jcmega, Andres’s Lists, TecnoTv among many others. I leave a direct link to your WisePlay category so that you always have your latest version of your compilations.

  • Meindroid
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ForoWise – WisePlay Forum

If you want to have the updated Wiseplay lists 2019  you have to go yes or yes through ForoWise since it is the official Wiseplay forum. In it you can find the famous PREMIUM HD VIP 5.4.1 TOTAL CINEMA,  SPAIN TOTAL PREMIUM HD VIP 5.4.1  or  MUSIC TOTAL PREMIUM HD VIP 5.4.1, among others.


Wiseplay Pastebin lists

Here you have some portals to get Wiseplay Pastebin lists. is a Wiseplay forum much more updated and with more movement than ForoWise. In it, you can discover a multitude of lists whether sports wiseplay , wiseplay football lists, movies and more.

CinexinHD Wiseplay Lists

Here you will find many movies and series. Enjoy these Wiseplay lists updated daily by CinexinHD.

From my point of view, w3ubin is the best place to get the best-updated wiseplay lists.

Enjoy Wiseplay On Your TV Set

Well so far we have talked about how to install Wiseplay links on your Android, right?, What do you think if I told you that you can enjoy the best free live tennisfree movies and series and a multitude of multimedia content on your TV set how? Well, with an Android TV.

Android TV What is it and what is it for?

Well, basically it is to buy an Android mini PC which we will adapt to our TV set and voila!, We can enjoy all the content of Wiseplay on our television because we will have the Android ecosystem on our TV.

What Android TV to buy?

If you wonder what is the best Android MINI PC TV to buy? , you should know that there is a multitude of Android Box on the market although I advise you the one I have since it is one of those cheap and quite powerful Android TV BOX 4k. Then I have a banner where you can buy my Android TV Box at a more than interesting price.

I make it clear again that this is a post about Wiseplay to talk about its operation and how to use itWe do not own any wiseplay list nor have we made any compilations, we only point to blogs where they are dedicated to collecting them. Our work is merely informative.

What do you think of WisePlay? Now that you know how to use it, will you dare to watch football matches online on your tablet? You can leave me a comment below in the description, I promise to answer. You can also share this post with the floating social media button.