A Redmi Note 7S Explodes in India without Causing Personal Injury

Written by Vishal Patel

The Indian market is quite peculiar, and in regard to Xiaomi, the range of available smartphones is slightly different from what we can find in the rest of the world. That is the case of the Redmi Note 7S, a device that only exists in the Asian country and that apparently exploded suddenly without causing personal injury.

This has been explained by Chavhan Ishwar, a user of this device who through Facebook told his tragic experience, also adding Xiaomi’s response to everything that happened. Specifically, the Peruvian date back to November 2, the day Chavhan was at work, a month after having acquired his Redmi Note 7S and that it worked normally.

Apparently, according to the affected, he noticed a strange smell coming from the terminal which was at a nearby table. After checking it, he could see a fairly high temperature on the back that then caused the area to melt in a matter of seconds.

image courtesy: Facebook

After dealing with this unfortunate situation, Chavhan contacted days later with the authorized Xiaomi center in the city of Thane. These were checked and after 2 or 3 days they claimed that the device could not be repaired due to abnormal heat damage.

Dissatisfied with the answer, Chavhan Ishwar decided to write directly to the official Xiaomi service to which they replied that the warranty does not apply to the battery. A rather ridiculous response if we consider that according to this user, at no time opened or hit the terminal so that it caught fire, melting part of its interior and external housing.

Undoubtedly, a rather unpleasant experience that this Xiaomi fan has had to live that after contacting the brand and not receiving a consistent response, has decided to write his bad experience on social networks. And you, have you suffered any similar case with the Xiaomi warranty or after-sales service?


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