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T: 8 Apps to train your brain with brain games

After sharing the best apps for learn English or any other language and the best math apps We are going to see the apps that will help us with brain training to improve our skills memory, concentration, reading speed and text comprehension.

They are playful applications that it will take about 5-15 minutes per exercise, but the important thing is that you are constant until you finish the levels of the games and activities of the brain games applications.

Lumosity: the best cognitive training app

Lumosity combines its 25 brain training games to help you develop your cognitive skills and at the same time boost research of this type, its more than 70 million users recommend it.

Download for: Android | iOS

Peak – Brain Games

There are more than 40 brain teasers to test your attention span. Peak lets you set goals, watch developments over time, expand vocabulary with wordplay, and improve overall cognitive skills.

Brain dots

Create pictures to solve simple rules while having fun. There are more than 300 levels and 9 collectible pencils with infinite possibilities.

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Think! Think! : Brain games for kids

They are a series of mini games to help the little ones in the house improve their intellectual and problem-solving skills. Each game has timed times, as well as a limit of 3 games per day to play daily.

Memorado: Mental Exercises

Train in more than 450 levels that this app has for you, exercising memory, concentration, logic, reaction and speed. This application is developed by neuroscientists to stimulate your brain and improve the 5 fundamental skills already mentioned.

Drops: Learn 32 languages

Have fun learning more than 30 languages ​​in an interactive way, reading and writing with the new character tool where you can play with your words. Drops has a complete report to monitor and celebrate your progress.

NeuroNation – Training for your brain

Improve your intelligence, memory, logical thinking and concentration, creating a personal training plan using the 23 exercises that this app has for you, observing your progress and sharing your performance with that of other people.

Elevate – brain training games

Find more than 30 games in this application to increase your concentration, memory, reading speed, comprehension, precision and much more. Advance to a level and follow your progress on the calendar that this app has for you (available only in English).

Download for: Android | iOS