20 Decibel Amazfit PowerBuds best ANC headphones

A year ago, I reviewed what have been the best headphones I have ever tried and highly recommended to all users for their great audio quality and specs. This year I leave aside the 1More In-Ear E1026BT to climb steps with the 20 Decibel and Amazfit PowerBuds, the ANC headphones that this year I am going to recommend to all users who are looking for very good sound specifications in Bluetooth headphones with loose budgets.

This 2020 has come to the fashion for in-ear headphones with ANC sound, one of the key specifications that make the two protagonists of this analysis captivate me.

Before we start talking about these two bluetooth headsets, let’s make it clear that they are the ANC headsets so you can understand why this specification is here to stay and be key in the new generation of bluetooth headsets.

ANC stands for “Active Noise Canceling” and they will be our salvation. And it is these headphones are able to reduce background noise thanks to its advanced technology, and even cancel it entirely in some cases, as its initials indicate.

They absorb the annoying noises that we can find at home, at work or even on the street walking. These headphones can be used without music, so it is not necessary that we are listening to anything that we do not want in order to isolate ourselves from the world. This helpful technology fulfills its function of isolating us from external noises thanks to microphones that register those annoying sounds from the environment, manage them and what comes to us is a modified background noise that transmits much more peace.

Now that you know well what the ANC is, let’s see these two headphones and everything they offer.

The Amazfit PowerBuds and the 20 Decibel They are two of my last purchases made and to see what they offer the best thing I have thought is to make a comparison and see how to see in a simple way for what type of users these headphones with ANC are facing.


20 Decibel vs Amazfit PowerBuds

Unboxing 20 Decibel

The 20 Decibel trademark is a new brand belonging to the manufacturer Xiamen Acousycom Electronics Co., LTD. This manufacturer has made headphones in the past for Harman that belongs to Samsung, conglomerate that includes Harman / Kardon, JBL and AKG.

These headphones caught my attention because of their specifications and thanks to a user named Òscar who has a community on Telegram About these headphones I was able to get the advice and help I needed to get to know these headphones well and launch into buying them.


The 20 Decibel headphones are not headphones that you will fall in love with because of the design of their packaging, rather this design is sober and simple, meeting the minimum of details.

Despite this, the manufacturer seeks this packing not to be the center of attention and obviates such details to focus on first-class hardware. In the container box we find the headphones with their charging box, a USB type C cable for charging, an English instruction manual and a total of 6 pairs of interchangeable ear cushions for all types of ears.

The headphone and charging box is made of hard but hollow plastic with no soft parts. The headphones are lightweight and are also made of hard plastic with only a soft, adjustable part that is the pad area.


These headphones of 20 Decibel stand out for having the tactile outer part with appearance and red and blue led lights gamer style. On the front of the charging box we find four led lights that will show us the charge of the box and the headphones when we insert them into them.

Unboxing Amazfit PowerBuds

Many of you will know the Amazfit brand. This almost does not need presentation and is due to the great name and reputation that has been carved thanks to joining trade and manufacturing agreements with the Xiaomi brand that we champion on the web.

Amazfit, trademark of the manufacturer Huami that manufactures the Xiaomi Mi Band since its first generation has entered fully into the field of sports, whether with its smartwatches, sneakers and now headphones, Amazfit seeks to offer a premium product designed for athletes.

Its proposal in sports bluetooth headphones comes under the name of Amazfit PowerBuds and unlike the 20 Decibel headphones, Amazfit has taken great care of the details of the outer box and the packaging as a whole.


The Amazfit PowerBuds come with a sturdy box, in which we find the headphones, a long USB Type-C cable, a small box with a total of 4 pairs of pads and a heavy instruction book with all the languages ​​in which Amazfit sells these headphones. Of course, among the languages ​​we find Spanish.

The charging box of the Amazfit PowerBuds headphones climbs the steps compared to the 20 Decibel. Here we see that Amazfit has sought to be a reference and offer a premium product for athletes. The box is made of hard, but high-quality plastic, a step above 20 Decibel. This is heavy, robust, and not hollow. It offers a “soft” padding inside to store the headphones and that nothing happens to them. In addition, at the top Amazfit introduces two hooks with a magnet so that the headphones are securely attached to the ears when we play sports.

The exterior of these headphones is too robust, but we will talk about it later so that you understand that more robust is not synonymous with better.

Features 20 Decibel

The 20 Decibel headphones are «simple» headphones dedicated to all kinds of everyday situations in which we can find ourselves. They stand out a lot for their improved ANC system that will make it one of the most useful and practical functions that you will use every day to listen to music, make calls and listen to the sound of the videos that you play with your PC, Tablet or smartphone.

The two headphone surface microphones, one power-forward and one feedback, pick up more ambient sounds than other headphones, whether it’s noise from an airplane, traffic, or office conversations will stay below – 30dB, making the outside sound almost imperceptible. Its ANC noise reduction system is at the same height as the headphones Sony WF1000XM3 which have a price higher than € 180. This system being superior to the one used in the Amazfit PowerBuds headphones.

20 Decebel

The 20 Decibel processor has the MCSync Connection system, similar to Qualcomm’s TW + (only available for smartphones that have a Snapdragon 845 processor or higher), but compatible with all devices and allowing both headphones to be connected individually although in the terminal they appear as one, improving the connection and latency (120 ms).

The 20 Decibel headphones come with sweat protection with IPX4. They add touch controls on its right and left sides so we can control various sections such as:

  • One tap on the right earbud> play, pause, accept or hang up,
  • In the left earbud> switching modes> activated ANC mode and standard mode.
  • Double tap> switch tracks forward and backward, depending on the channel of the headphones.
  • Pressing and holding it for 2 seconds activates the voice assistant, which can be Siri or Google Assistant.
  • Pressing the left earphone enters the ANC sound adjustment mode, going through the three existing modes which are: Closed, On and Passthrough.
20 Decibel: specs
Impedance 16 ohms
Controller unit 9.2mm dynamic
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency response 20-20000Hz
Bluetooth protocol AAC and SBC
Battery 50mAh per earphone / 360mAh charging box
Loading time 90 minutes headphones and box
USB charging Type-C
Weight 5 grams per earphone and 37 grams per box
Sound reproduction Up to 8 hours with 16 hours extra with box charges
Price € 81

Features Amazfit PowerBuds

The Amazfit Powerbuds headphones are headphones designed for sports and therefore they come with a large chassis in which sensors are housed that allow us to monitor our heart rate and display it in the manufacturer’s Amazfit app. Heart rate is a fairly important factor to keep in mind when exercising to find out its effectiveness.

That is why the Amazfit PowerBuds are equipped with a PPG heart rate sensor, capable of accurately monitoring the heart rate and keeping us informed about the training status.

The headphones will also warn when the heart rate exceeds the preset value, making training safer and more effective.


In addition they add IP55 supporting sweat and dust. They add a sensor that will make the sound pause when removing one of these headphones from the ear, an efficient system that works very well if they are used in offices or gyms where we must remove the headphones to be able to speak and listen correctly.

Another reason why these headphones are perfect for athletes is their professional sound system, which makes exercise practice more immersive and dynamic.

The Amazfit PowerBuds equip a highly sensitive magnet with a composite diaphragm capable of producing a clear and powerful frequency, ensuring exceptional sound quality. In addition, you can activate the Motion Beat mode, which improves the bass sound while you exercise and makes the rhythm of the music you listen to clearer and more powerful, helping to bring movements to the sound of music.

Also, it has the Thru mode or “improvement of ambient noise” when you train outside to stay away from the frenetic noise of the city. The Amazfit PowerBuds also add ANC sound and it works great, but the ANC of the 20 Decibel is much higher when performing a great suppression of environmental noise.

These are not just headphones, since with them you can also make calls with HD sound quality. This is due to its ENC dual microphone with noise reduction technology, which emit a clear sound, inhibiting ambient sounds and background noise.

Amazfit PowerBuds specs
Impedance 16 ohms
Controller unit 9mm dynamic
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency response 20-20000Hz
Bluetooth protocol AAC and SBC
Battery 55mAh per earphone / 450mAh charging box
Loading time 60 minutes headphones and box – 15 minutes gives you 3 hours of listening time
USB charging Type-C
Weight 180 grams with box
Sound reproduction Up to 8 hours with 16 hours extra with box charges
Price € 91

20 Decibel headphones experience

As I mentioned these headphones are not going to surprise us too much in their finishes or packaging. If you are going to be surprised by the quality of the audio and its ergonomics.

These 20 Decibel headphones are easy to use and they like for that, because they are simple and have a perfect sound system for all types of ears. Its ANC system works better than expected and hints that many headphones that are sold as ANC have a lot of improvement when compared to these headphones.

20 Decibel have an application but this is currently only available on Google Play for Android. This application works more or less as expected, but it is in a state somewhat far from the perspectives that we can expect from it.


The manufacturer has contacted me, Òscar and other users several times to receive our feedback after testing them. The manufacturer has understood that the app has several shortcomings that will be corrected in the future with updates that will make the sound and its way of use much more customizable. The manufacturer even mentions that they are working on an iOS application to be compatible with iPad and iPhone in the sound settings. This version for iOS will arrive in a few months as the manufacturer has announced.

The application of these headphones synchronizes quickly with the 20 Decibel when they are switched on and paired with our smartphone. In this application the user can change the sound system, change the type of ANC (Closed, On and Passthrough), adjust the equalization, receive firmware updates from the headphones and thus easily check the status of the battery and the Instruction manual in English.

Hascar has recorded a small review of these headphones, I leave it here below so you can see in action the app, the headphones and the unboxing of these 20 Decibels.


Experience of use with Amazfit PowerBuds headphones

The Amazfit PowerBuds are headphones dedicated to users who seek the best in sound for training. These directly attack this slope and that is why Amazfit has put all the meat on the grill to be as resistant as possible to falls, blows and sweat.

I have been using them for hours at home, whether playing sports or relaxing in bed, and I can say that in terms of sound power, these Amazfit PowerBuds are the best you can buy. Its sound is clean and powerful. The bass and treble are very well defined and here it must be recognized that Amazfit has done it again with a field in which we have never seen it enter.

The PowerBuds offer us a good sound system, heart rate measurement, paused sensors and sound resumption when removing or putting on one or both headphones, a well-developed app designed to offer controls and customization beyond what is seen in headphones TWS such as the 20 Decibel or those of other manufacturers.

The biggest drawback is its bulky and heavy design. These make them somewhat uncomfortable in the pinna. They get tired and want to take them off after spending more than 1 hour with them. It doesn’t matter if you change the pad, because the design of the earpiece is coarse and it feels like that in the pavilion of the eardrum.

The good thing about these headphones is that they synchronize with the Amazfit app, a very stable app that is available for both Android and IOS in which the user can configure everything about its operation and use. The user can customize the gestures and their functions as well as receive updates and visualize the heart rate that they have when they play sports.

Amazfit PowerBuds App
Amazfit PowerBuds App

They also have an equalizer to be able to manage the audio levels with presets and adjustments that we can vary at will.

Conclusions of the 20 Decibel vs Amazfit PowerBuds headphones

After taking more than two weeks with these headphones in my hands I can give you an accurate recommendation from them so that you know which of these two headphones to opt for and the reasons why they seem to me to be safe bets of purchase during this 2020.

Personally, these types of in-ear headphones are the ones that I like the most, the stick headphones that Apple made so fashionable with the AirPods and that later manufacturers such as Xiaomi and Huawei sought to replicate, they make me heavy and uncomfortable for energetic and stressful life that we usually carry.

This type of headphones such as the 20 Decibel or Amazfit PowerBuds are compact and adapt very well to any real life situation. Whether in the office, at home relaxed or playing sports, the 20 Decibel and Amazfit PowerBuds headphones will offer you comfort, sound power and good autonomy.

If you usually use the headphones daily and you want them to be very comfortable, light, that you can use them in bed relaxing, directly opt for the purchase of the 20 Decibel. Its ANC system works very well and we are sure that the manufacturer will greatly improve its application as well as the modes and sound customization. Even if you play sports in the gym, at home or go out for frequent walks, the 20 Decibel headphones will offer you all this without problems of slipping and losing them. In addition, its sound power is very good and very regular, there are no ups and downs, despite not reaching the high levels offered by the Amazfit PowerBuds, the 20 Decibel will not leave you unsatisfied.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for very complete headphones to practice sport like a professional, go for the Amazfit PowerBuds. These are heavier and more uncomfortable, but they are going to offer that sweet spot in sound power and extra grip that the 20 Decibels don’t have.

The PowerBuds have a mature app in which the user can handle and tinker with everything about them, they are 100% designed to play sports and this makes them great, so they are not recommended to lie quietly at home listening to music. In this case, the 20 Decibel they are much more related to being multi-purpose headphones and the Amazfit PowerBuds to offer a specific product for athletes They go running or cycling and they like to be able to have headphones that can handle all these demanding situations.

Both have somewhat high prices and we are talking about headphones with the latest in sound hardware.

In the case of Amazfit PowerBuds, you end up paying a high price compensated by the work of the packaging, the functions and the design. On the opposite side, the 20 Decibel, justifies its price with the ANC mode that is much better than that of the Amazfit PowerBuds and this makes the price balance.

The important thing if you are going to buy the 20 Decibel is that you try to buy them at a discounted price, their price normally ranges from € 90, but the manufacturer occasionally makes certain discounts in your Aliexpress store leaving them at oscillating prices at € 60 or even less. That price ratio seems to me to be the most suitable for these headphones that stand out in ergonomics, power and clarity of sound and their ANC section.

The Amazfit PowerBuds They are usually found in the official Amazfit store at a price oscillating at € 90 and there are usually no price reductions because they sell very well and the manufacturer has a certain reputation that makes these headphones sell almost alone. In addition, these are in a smaller market since they are headphones designed for practicing sports and the manufacturer can ask for the price they consider as they do not have as much competition.

If you go for the 20 Decibel remember you that in this link you will find a community It would seriously help the users who have made themselves with these headphones.

20 Decebel

Pros 20 Decibel

  • Powerful and balanced bass and treble
  • ANC system that will delight lovers of silence when they listen to music or watch movies
  • Good autonomy
  • Bluetooth signal quality, stable and with great coverage
  • Ergonomics, the best grip without any hook
  • Good sound to make calls, we hear and we hear well
  • Led lights in the box that show us the status of the battery in the box and the headphones

Cons 20 Decibel

  • Price somewhat high seeing that the packaging and finishes are not consistent with the price to pay
  • Your application is green. In a few months this app will not be against when receiving a good dose of improvements
  • Increased volume in Passthrough mode
  • More ANC modes
  • No fast charge

Pros Amazfit PowerBuds

  • Good finishes with well-designed aesthetics
  • Sound power slightly above 20 Decibel or 1More In Ear E1026BT
  • ANC sound system, but this is below 20 Decibel
  • Add a sensor that allows sound to be paused by removing one or both earphones from the ear
  • Well-equipped app with a lot of customization and integration with Amazfit smartwatches
  • Hooks for sports
  • They have fast charge

Cons Amazfit PowerBuds

  • They are heavy and somewhat uncomfortable to wear for hours
  • Its price is somewhat high for all budgets
  • More ANC modes, here 20 Decibel wins and improves what is seen in the Amazfit PowerBuds
  • The sound quality of our voice on calls can be improved