15 Best Tips and Tricks for Spotify – Doctor Xiaomi

They are the best tips and tricks for you get the most out of the Spotify app. Tips for getting new music, manage your playlists, control the quality, notifications, device, save songs. Among other functions.

Best Tricks to start using Spotify

Data saving

Reduce the consumption of your mobile data by lowering the quality of the music to save data.

  • How: Go to the general settings of Spotify (Gear icon) – At the beginning of the settings, find the function – Activate the button.

Change the playback quality

Within the settings it is possible to choose the audio quality. This is useful for example so that it does not consume our data quickly.

In Transmission, in the music quality section, select “Normal quality” to save data and “Very high” to listen to the best quality at 320kbps.

Browse Podcasts

Find more than 12 categories of Podcasts to listen to on topics of interest through spotify. Each podcast is usually updated eventually so it is essential to subscribe to not miss any episode.

Use sleep timer

If you are one of those who listens to music to go to sleep, this function will enchant you. You can set a time for the music to stop. The time spans go from 5 minutes to 1 hour.

  • How: open the song that is playing – Click on the top 3 dots – Click on “sleep timer”.

Control notifications

If you get a lot of notifications on Spotify, you can fully control the notifications you want to receive and block. Enter “settings” – Notifications – Activate / deactivate each of the items.

Light Version: Spotify Lite

Spotify has launched a new “lite” version of its Android app. It weighs about 15MB compared to 100MB for its full version.

  • It is aimed at those users with low-end mobiles and limited data / wifi.
  • It does NOT have offline playback.
  • There is no option to rearrange the playlist or choose a specific song.
  • Set monthly data limits which can be set by the user for 250MB, 500MB, 1GB and 2GB.
  • Download for: Android

See the lyrics of all songs

Now you can look at the lyrics of the songs you are listening to on Spotify. This function is automatic and instantaneous, you just have to slide up on the playback screen to see the lyrics that will advance with the song.

Save releases

If you are on the releases page and there is a new artist or song you want to listen to later, you just have to hold the album art and then select save to playlist.

Select one of the created playlists and it will be in your library to listen to later.

Use OK Google

Use the google assistant to search and listen to any song with the voice command “Ok Google” from any app you have open.

First you must activate the command: Go to the settings – language and text input – voice dictation – check the box “From any screen”.

Then from any application you just have to say “Ok Google, play song or artist name on Spotify.

Free up space

As you listen to songs on Spotify, the cache storage on your device increases. To save space on your mobile, go to the Spotify settings – Click on “Delete cache and saved data” – Click OK to confirm.

Note: If your mobile supports SD cards, you can save the cache and all the Spotify music in the SD memory from the settings.

Identify Song and save

We have already talked about best songs to identify music with just the sound. One of them is Shazam which has the function of adding the song found to a Spotify playlist.

Click on the button “more” or listen on Spotify when you find the song – select add to Spotify – connect your account – select the playlist

Hide Playlist

If you don’t want your followers or the person who sees your profile to look at a particular playlist, you can hide it by going to “Your library” – Playlists.

Hold down the name of the Playlist and then select “Make Secret.”

Hide everything I hear

In the same way, if we want to hide all our activity on Spotify, you can do it by entering the settings – Habita “Private session”.

Search shortcuts

Spotify has a couple of tricks up its sleeve for searching. For example, if we want to search in a specific year, write:

For a gender:

Make combinations:

Connect to a device

Listen to Spotify on the devices you have from the application. From settings – Connect to a device. That way you can switch between devices that are connected to your account and keep listening to the song.