10 Best NFT Games for Android in 2022

Since the beginning of the blockchain industry, NFTs have been the center of attention. The use cases for NFTs are diverse. They can be used to represent anything from unique digital art to real-world assets such as real estate.

Considering the popularity of gaming and blockchain, NFT games are not only a growing trend in the blockchain space but also an attractive option for people who want to enter the blockchain space. Below are some NFT games or Android in 2022;

Crypto Kitties

This is a game where you get to breed and trade digital cats. The players can buy, sell, and breed their kitties using ether cryptocurrency. Each crypto kitty has its unique genome that determines how it looks, behaves, how fast it can reproduce, and other traits.

God’s unchained

This is another exciting NFT game on Ethereum where players battle each other with a God card deck. Players need to collect cards that can represent Gods, creatures, and spells. All cards are unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which means that each of them is one of a kind, just like your cat or dog. In this game, players can buy cards from other players using cryptocurrency or playing against each other on the battlefield.


This is a virtual world where you can own land and create 3D content on it. All the land plots are unique NFTs secured on the ethereum blockchain. There are many ways to monetize your land: rent it out, build games, create art or write smart contracts for users who interact with your virtual property.

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Axie Infinity

This is another game of collecting NFTs but with a twist: you get to battle your pets against other players! Axies are cute little creatures that you need to feed, play with, and train to be able to fight with them in battles called splinterlands. 

My neighbor Alice

My neighbor Alice is a first-of-its-kind social game that combines blockchain and NFT technology to create the world’s first virtual neighborhood. Players can go inside their friends’ homes and explore the unique designs of their neighbors.

Pirate X Pirate 

This is a pirate-themed MMORPG for Android devices. Players take on the role of a pirate, who can create an alliance or join an existing one to defeat other pirates, win prizes, and earn rewards as they progress through the game. This game was developed by nWay Games and is available on Google Play Store.

Mines of Dalarnia

It is a blockchain-based role-playing game (RPG) on Android and iOS devices. The game features a variety of collectible cards, each representing a character or item from the game world. You can trade, sell or buy these cards to enhance your character’s power or skills during battles.

Forest knight 

This is an RPG where players are tasked with gathering resources to build a strong army that will fight against monsters and other players. 

Delta Time

Delta Time is an upcoming racing game based on blockchain technology. You can create cars and sell them or trade them with other players in this game. You will also earn cryptocurrency by winning races using your cars. Consider it a car parking game with blockchain functionality, but with a lot more fun!

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The Sandbox

The Sandbox is another virtual world where you can interact with other players, create different characters and items, and build your unique world. It has already been released on Ethereum, but it will also be available on EOS. Users will be able to use SAND tokens to purchase land and create objects in this new gaming world.