Telegram Features Complete Guide 2022

Telegram Features Complete Guide 2022

Telegram is a popular messaging application known for its wide range of features that make communication better and more secure. When it comes to functionality, Telegram provides users with full control to manipulate the application and use it according to their requirements. Telegram also offers some unique features that its rivals can’t even think of.

Features of Telegram

Telegram is more than just a simple messaging app – it has a lot of features that you might not know about! Let’s take a look at some of the best ones:

One of the most interesting features of Telegram is the ability to customize the app interface with different colors and themes. You can either insert a new theme or download one from טלגראס ישראל a Telegram channel and apply it. To add a new theme, follow these steps: Settings -> Chat Settings -> Theme and then click on the ‘Create New Theme’.

The Telegram app has a great feature that allows you to find and add nearby users without sharing phone numbers or saving them manually. This is incredibly useful if you want to add someone to your Telegram list without any hassle. You can also see any groups that have already been created near you, and create your own group of nearby users. To do this, simply open the hamburger menu -> Contact -> Find people Nearby. To add people to your new group: open the hamburger menu -> Contact -> Add people Nearby.

Telegram has a useful feature called ‘Chat Folders’ which allows users to categorize their different chat groups into separate folders. This can be helpful for work colleagues, personal social groups, and other meetings or discussions. To create a new chat folder, open the hamburger menu -> Click on Settings -> Folders -> Create New Folder. Give the chat folder a name and then move the chats into it.

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Sometimes we send pictures without editing them first, and other times we send the wrong picture entirely. If you’re using Telegram, there’s no need to worry – you can edit your pictures even after they’ve been sent! Just long press the picture, click on the Edit button, and choose from the inbuilt photo editor’s various filters, crop settings, and other editing options. Editing pictures in Telegram is just as easy as editing text that’s already been sent!

Telegram’s Live Location feature is just like WhatsApp’s – allowing you to share your current location with a friend or group for a set period of time. To share your Live Location in Telegram, open the chat window and follow these steps: Click on the Attachment button (at the bottom) -> Location -> Live Location -> Select the time duration (up to 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 hours).

Scheduled messages: Telegram offers the ability to send scheduled messages, which can be very useful in our daily lives. To send a scheduled message, follow these steps: Type the message -> Long press the Send button -> Click on Scheduled message -> Choose the respective date and time. The message will be sent to the respective person at the scheduled date and time.

Silent messages: Telegram allows the user to send messages without any sound. These are called “silent messages” and they can be quite helpful when we do not want to disturb the receiver (for example, they may be studying, attending a meeting, or sleeping). In order to send a silent message: Type the message -> Long press the Send button -> Choose Send without Sound.